Private classes

We are all blessed with unique body structures and abilities and a private one-to-one class tailored to your specific needs can bring increased benefits to your practice.

With a virual private class via 'zoom' you will receive one-to-one attention, focusing on your technique, alignment and, when needed, you will receive verbal adjustments in order to help prevent injury and create muscle memory. What’s more, you will end your session with a guided relaxation (Savasana) helping you to ease tensions and to fully absorb the benefits of your practice.
During your private one-to-one session you will have the opportunity to truly focus on your own practice and tune in to what your body needs.

Prior to our class you will be asked to complete a questionnaire from which a unique sequence will be created for you, based on your specific needs, taking the time to work on certain areas of your body that you feel need strengthening or increased flexibility, as well as working on breathing and meditation techniques.

Please contact Lisa for current availability and prices

Private yoga class Salisbury Wiltshire

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