Yoga for Anxiety & Emotional Wellbeing

​This three-part course is a dive into the powerful and popular ‘Yoga for Anxiety and Emotional Wellbeing’ workshop that I lovingly created and ran in previous years and is a glimpse into a more comprehensive offering that I will be launching soon.

I have dedicated much of the last year diving deeper into my own practice and studies to expand upon the tools and practices previously offered to provide holistic practices that are both supportive and sustainable.
The catalyst for my becoming a yoga teacher was due to my own experience with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain – the time I spent on my mat was integral to my journey to recovery and it was because of this that I am passionate about sharing the healing powers of yoga with others.

With the rise of anxiety, depression, stress-related illness, auto-immune disease (i.e., ME, fibromyalgia), fatigue and ‘unexplained’ pain, yoga practices that draw on the ancient wisdom of hatha, tantra and Ayurveda, along with evidence-based neuroscience serve to provide support for the nervous system and aid in dissolving self-limiting narratives that stops us from leading a life that is vibrant and fulfilling.

Yoga for Anxiety

What to expect
Each 75-minute class will include gentle movements inspired by hatha yoga and somatic practices to support and nourish the nervous system, relieve physical tension, and ease emotional strain.  We will also explore tools to help you to build resilience and support you in times of stress and anxiety.

With the incorporation of breathing techniques (pranayama), guided relaxation, meditation and opportunities for self-reflection, this holistic Yoga for Anxiety and Emotional Wellbeing course will help you on the path to a calmer mind and body so that can move forward feeling with a greater sense of inner strength and vitality.


Investment: £35

Includes three 75-minute classes, a pre-recorded guided relaxation and a PDF guide.
Classes are held live on Zoom – playback available if you are unable to make the live sessions.
Dates/times: Thursday 14/21/28 January 2021 at 6pm.