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Find an inner sense of calm and remember what a joy it is to be you!

Yoga and Holistic Hypnotherapy with
Lisa Mullineaux.

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I offer a variety of weekly and monthly LIVE classes held on Zoom and in-person as well as special one off workshops. 

My teaching encourages you to bring your whole self to the mat, offering classes that guide you back to your centre to feel good in your mind and body.

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Work with me to find a greater sense of inner calm and confidence and be empowered to overcome your obstacles. 

Just 10% of our brain activity is conscious, whilst the other 90% is driven by the subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy provides a powerful and effective way to access the subconscious mind where we can unearth the root cause of your challanges and realease what's no longer serving you. 


I provide a safe and supportive space for you to find clarity and step into your true self.


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About me

Hi! I'm Lisa, a Yogi, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Hypnotherapist.

Yoga and Hypnotherapy have been integral in helping me to heal and that is why I am passionate about sharing these practices so that I can help you find freedom in your body and your mind too.


I first experienced yoga at the age of 20 whilst studying in Spain but it wasn’t until a few years later that I really appreciated the true magic of yoga and a love affair ensued.

After years of suffering with debilitating pelvic pain and depression from endometriosis I turned to yoga as a gentler way of move - sitting on my mat it felt like coming home and I knew at that moment that this was my path.

I eventually travelled to India to complete my teacher training and have since sought teachers both abroad and in the UK to continue to deepen my knowledge so that I can share a practice that is not only rooted in the traditions of this ancient practice but also explorative and ever evolving.

I have trained in Ashtanga, Prenatal Yoga, Tantra Hatha, Elemental Mandala, Yin yoga and Chakra theory as well as more specific therapeutic applications of yoga.
I am also a qualified Psychodynamic Hypnotherapist and draw on this in my teaching as a way to explore a deeper understanding of the self.


My style of teaching encourages you to reconnect with the body with flowing movements and moments of challenge with longer held poses. I offering a calm and balanced practice of slower movements and a strong connection to the breath.

For me, yoga has been a way of healing and transformation and that is what I am passionate about sharing with my students.

I have been teaching in the Salisbury area for 5 years and have now ventured into the world of teaching online. I love welcoming people from all over the country and abroad to my classes and yoga community.

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"Lisa's warm authentic vibe came across through her virtual class, especially where she guided  us through different poses and sequences.  I very much look forward to every class, whether in person or online.  Lisa is without doubt not only a fabulous teacher but a beautiful human being.  You can't not LOVE her classes and come away feeling blessed to be part of her yoga community"


—  Ange

Classes are suitable for all levels. 

Please let me know of any injuries or medical conditions before attending a class, thank you! x



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